Commercial Truck Collision

Suppose you are unfortunate enough to have been involved in a commercial truck accident as a trucker, pedestrian, or another driver who has been injured. In that case, you must understand your legal rights immediately.

This kind of legal case can be extremely complex, as there are a number of different parties who may be liable for damages.

We all know that accidents are commonplace on our roads and that a large number of these are involve commercial trucks.

Because of the sheer weight of these commercial trucks, there is an unfortunate number of accidents that result in serious injuries. What you may not be aware of, though, is that if you were injured in a big-rig accident, you might be entitled to compensation.

Truck Accidents Do Happen

Accidents involving commercial truck collisions can be extremely severe and can result in significant injuries that are time-consuming and costly.

If your case goes to court, you are entitled to seek damages related to your case that are both tangible and intangible.

Personal injury victims are usually awarded three different types of damages, which include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

There may be multiple parties that are responsible for paying damages in your case, and an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer will determine these parties’ involvement in your legal case.

Your truck injury attorney will therefore research and investigate your case to determine the best strategy for your individual case, and they may decide that you can maximize compensation by suing multiple parties.

Some people automatically assume that only the 18-wheeler driver is liable when they cause a collision – however, under the US law, it may also be possible to hold other parties accountable for the accident because a semi-truck company may be liable for the injuries that you are have suffered, and a tractor-trailer company may also be liable if it was negligent in hiring a trucker.

Do you need legal help?

Lots of people think they can get by without the help of a lawyer – especially one who specializes in commercial truck collisions.

If you’ve been involved in a minor accident, and only minor injuries and damage were sustained, then you probably can deal with the insurance companies on your own.

However, if the commercial truck collision you are involved in is significant, and there are lots of injuries and damage, it is well worth the effort of researching a specialist attorney instead of stressing out trying to determine the liable party.

The main role of the commercial truck collision lawyer is to determine the cause of the crash and then to decide who should take the blame. Choosing liability after a significant truck crash is often far more complicated than determining who is liable in a car wreck.

There are different state and federal commercial vehicle regulations, and common carrier laws apply, and in the case of commercial trucks, there are usually multiple entities involved, which include manufacturing companies, mechanics, leasing companies, trucking companies, loaders, and even distribution companies can get in on the act – all this means is that there are lots of parties who can be held reliable for injuries and fatalities.

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