Dog Bites

Did you know that there are nearly five million (5,000,000) dog bite injury cases in the USA every year?

But, did you also know that only a tiny percentage of these dog bite victims receive fair and full compensation for the injuries they sustained?

It’s also true from the evidence of statistics that dog bite lawsuits are difficult to win without the legal support of an experienced attorney.

And that insurance companies are less likely to offer full and fair compensation payouts to those bitten by dogs without legal representation than to those who do.

Dog Bite Attorneys

So, if a dangerous dog has bitten you or someone you know, the first thing you should do once you’re received medical attention is to contact a lawyer because as soon as you get a lawyer, more evidence may be gathered to prove your case and the dangerous dog can be stopped before it has the chance to hurt anyone else.

Dog owners are usually responsible for their dogs, and if the dog bites or attacks someone, it is the pet owner who is pursued for compensation for medical bills and damages.

Each state in the USA has different laws in relation to a dog owner’s liability for dog bites – some states follow their common law, whereas others enact statutory law in the form of Dog Bites Statutes.  However, most often, a Dog Bite Statute eliminates the common law, requiring a dog bite victim to prove that a dog owner was at fault for an injury. And in some states, people who have been injured by a dog are able to recover money damages under both the common law and their state’s Dog Bite Statute.

Therefore, dog bite laws vary widely from one jurisdiction to another, so it will be essential to contact a local attorney for the best advice on what you should do to recover compensation from a legal standpoint.

Dog bites are complex cases because the owner can say their pet was provoked, teased, or hit, and therefore the courts may relieve the dog owner of liability.

Complicated stuff, unless you know your legal stuff – and attorneys do.

Guilty or not guilty?

It’s hard to prove that the dog’s owner is therefore responsible for paying you compensation but, if you are bitten by a dog, you may have to cover:

  • Coping with physical disabilities on a permanent or temporary basis
    Medical costs – both present and future
  • Lost wages for having time off work
  • Physical and vocational rehabilitation costs
  • Psychological counseling

What are you’re the dog owner?

If it is your dog that has bitten someone, then you too should contact an attorney for support as soon as possible.

You should exchange information with the victim and avoid becoming confrontational with the victim or blaming them for the incident, as this may invoke their anger enough to file a lawsuit against you and/or seek the destruction of your dog by animal control.

It is essential that regardless of whether you are the dog bite victim or the dog owner that you seek legal support as soon as possible, to avoid the situation escalating into something else.

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