The 5 Hidden Dangers You Need To Teach Your Teen Driver

Parents should teach their kids ways to protect themselves from collisions with the rise in motor vehicle crashes. Patents can do that by instilling safe driving tips in their teenagers. There are many dangers on the Kansas roads that teenagers need to learn about to stay safe on the roads. Fatal accidents are on the rise amid the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re in Kansas City and suffered as a result of reckless or aggressive driving, you can get a reputable personal injury lawyer during your trying times. You can still get the deserved justice and for your injuries. Here are some of the top hidden dangers young drivers often face:

Vehicle Blind Spots

Teenagers often encounter blind spots, especially when driving cars they are unfamiliar with. Therefore, blind spots are essential things that young drivers need to learn and master with experience. As a parent, you should instruct your kids to be alert about:

  • Making left-hand turns
  • Switching lanes
  • Adjusting mirrors on vehicle property and passenger side mirror
  • Double-check their vehicle blind spots
  • Manually checking blind spots even when the vehicle has blind-spot monitoring.

Teenage Passengers

Passengers are a distraction primarily for teenage drivers as they get easily distracted. According to AAAs Foundation for traffic reports, traffic fatalities increase by over 50% when teenagers drive with other teens. There are several reasons why teen passengers increase collision risks.
Parents can help accidents caused by teens by enforcing passenger limit laws and prohibiting teenage passengers in the car.

After-School Driving

It’s not only weekend nights that are dangerous for your teen driver on the road. Reports indicate that after-school hours are the most deadly times for teens to be driving on the road. Here is why:

  • The number of teenagers on the road is high.
  • Teens are often unsupervised after school.
  • Traffic volumes are higher during after-school hours.

Always ensure to give clear rules to your kid about having passengers in the vehicle during such time.

Loud Music

Loud music often affects how we drive; the music’s tempo, volume, and type can hugely affect drivers. Teenagers driving while listening to loud music quickly get distracted, leaving them vulnerable to crashes.


Intersections can be challenging to navigate, therefore a dangerous spot for teenagers. While people drive more aggressively and are distracted, they’re likely to run red lights. Teens need to be careful to avoid collisions at intersections

While there are many critical issues parents need to talk to their teenagers about, the above five traffic dangers are crucial things they should learn. To learn more about how you can keep your teenagers safe on the road or how to get help when they’re involved in an accident, contact Midwest Trial Lawyers or visit this URL:

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