Why Kansas City Highways Have Become So Dangerous

Surprisingly, accidents and deaths have increased since the coronavirus pandemic, leading to severe injuries and, worst of all, traffic fatalities. Even though most Kansas City residents are working from home amid the set Covid-19 restriction reducing the number of vehicles on the road, road deaths and serious injuries have not declined as most would expect. If your loved one is a victim of reckless driving amid the coronavirus pandemic, it would be best to contact a reputable personal injury lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Traffic deaths rose in 2020

As of December 22, 2020, the Missouri highway patrol reported 946 fatal crashes nationwide, a 10% increase since 2019. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pointed to a 4.6% increase in deaths due to car accidents. 2020 saw a rise in violent collisions; one of the deadliest car crashes that killed two on charisma night happened during the year.

Why are serious car crashes on the rise with fewer people driving?

According to a highway expert’s report, speed has been the primary cause of crashes during the pandemic. The pandemic has led to most people staying at home and creating wide-open roads, which has promoted speeding and reckless drivers. Here’re some quick facts about speeding:

  • Driving above unauthorized speeds increases the chances of fatal a car accident by thirteen times.
  • People who drive fast risk severe injuries and traffic fatalities increment.
  • The crash rate of high-speed collision leads to a brutal force of impact.
  • Speeding drivers have less time to prevent crashes as braking time is reduced.

When drivers let loose due to open roads, the more they are likely to lose control of the vehicle and less likely to regain control in time to avoid a collision.

Other Factors That Point To Increased Accident Rates

Most drivers driving on clear area highways tend to drive more aggressively. This aggressive driving in Kansas City is mainly caused by the reduced number of vehicles on the road. Recent studies indicate a new factor that influences the rate of collisions: this is driving while:

  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Depressed
  • Frustrated

Thanks to Covid-19, most Kansas City residents have lost their jobs, and others are experiencing falling businesses, and therefore most people are suffering from emotional instability and mental distress. Recent studies indicate that driving while suffering from emotional instability increases the probability of collisions.
The number of distracted drivers in Kansas City has a significant influence on the risk of traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Tips On How To Drive With Uttermost Care

With the recent poor driving culture of reckless, aggressive, and distracted driving, there’s much you can do to increase road safety. We need to use social media to:

  • Alert drivers of roadway risks
  • Remind drivers to stay protected against dangerous driving

As we fight the Covid-19, hopefully, driving behaviors will improve. Always protect yourself from reckless drivers, and for any help with road crash injuries, you can contact Midwest Trial Lawyers or visit this URL: https://midwestlaw.group/services/personal-injury-attorneys/.
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